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Four Yoga Poses to Try at Home

  We live in a first-paced world swamped with schedules streaming from dusk till dawn. And sadly, there isn't much room left for mental or physical awareness. Yoga is one of the most valuable practices that could help you get in touch with your body and keep your health robust. While this practice has been there since the dawn of centuries, recently, it has gained incredible traction owing to its massive wealth of benefits. What's more impressive is how you could practice yoga at your home or any free environment. In this article, we will discuss yoga, the types of yoga poses, and how they could impact your life.   What is yoga   Yoga is an ancient practice that...

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Beginner’s Guide to Yoga – What You Need to Know

      Yoga is an excellent practice that provides your physical and mental health with many benefits. While it may seem intimidating for beginners, yoga can be very easy to practice, especially when you start with simple poses that don’t require a lot of flexibility.   In this article, we will briefly cover the benefits of yoga, then switch gears to the type of equipment you need before getting started.   The benefits of practicing yoga Due to the variety of benefits offered by yoga, it can be challenging to summarize all of that in a shortlist. For this reason, we opted for the most established health benefits.   Stress management In one study, researchers concluded that yoga can...

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Interview With Stefanie Messinger - Miami Yoga Instructor

We had the opportunity to interview the amazing and inspiring Stefanie Messinger, an Yoga Instructor in Miami. Stefanie teaches a variety of yoga classes with seniors, children, athletes, active military members, wounded veterans, beginners, and children with special needs, with a strong emphasis on individual care. Stefanie’s classes are a celebration of life, connection and mindfulness. Stefanie shares with us her yoga journey and it is truly inspirational! We are so happy to have captured her powerful journey of transformation through yoga to share with you! Read below her answers to our questions.    1. What lead you to become a yoga teacher?  I looked to yoga to help with my scoliosis and pain. I continued to practice and started to...

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