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Natural Remedies to Release Stress

 Natural remedies are very effective in reducing the effects of stress and restoring the balance of body and mind. They are an enjoyable way of improving well-being and have been used around the world for thousands of years. Below are some powerful tips on how to enjoy releasing stress in simple ways that beings you happiness.         Aromatherapy   Essential oils distilled from plants, flowers, and resigns can be used to promote good health and help you relax. Your sense of smell is directly linked to memories and mood. Among other things, essential oils can be antidepressant, relieve pain and tension, ease headaches, act as a tonic, and help to ensure a good night’s sleep. Getting a...

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Interview With Paty Mariposa - Reiki Teacher in Miami

We are happy to feature, the fabulous Paty Mariposa who is the founder of Mariposas Holistic based in Miami in this Q & A blog article. Paty offers meditation classes on zoom and other online events located on Mariposas Holistic website for those not based in Miami. Mariposas Holistic empowers heart-centered professionals and individuals experiencing stress and overwhelm through an integrated holistic system of transformational programs, support, and self-care resources so you can continue to manifest your highest potential towards a happy and healthy balanced life as you continue to be of service for the greater good.  A member of the Happy Being Well team enjoyed her online reiki self-love meditation using chakras so we asked Paty if we could feature...

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Beginner’s Guide to Yoga – What You Need to Know

      Yoga is an excellent practice that provides your physical and mental health with many benefits. While it may seem intimidating for beginners, yoga can be very easy to practice, especially when you start with simple poses that don’t require a lot of flexibility.   In this article, we will briefly cover the benefits of yoga, then switch gears to the type of equipment you need before getting started.   The benefits of practicing yoga Due to the variety of benefits offered by yoga, it can be challenging to summarize all of that in a shortlist. For this reason, we opted for the most established health benefits.   Stress management In one study, researchers concluded that yoga can...

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