Interview With Paty Mariposa - Reiki Teacher in Miami

We are happy to feature, the fabulous Paty Mariposa who is the founder of Mariposas Holistic based in Miami in this Q & A blog article. Paty offers meditation classes on zoom and other online events located on Mariposas Holistic website for those not based in Miami. Mariposas Holistic empowers heart-centered professionals and individuals experiencing stress and overwhelm through an integrated holistic system of transformational programs, support, and self-care resources so you can continue to manifest your highest potential towards a happy and healthy balanced life as you continue to be of service for the greater good. 

A member of the Happy Being Well team enjoyed her online reiki self-love meditation using chakras so we asked Paty if we could feature her to our readers. Enjoy the Q & A with Paty and be inspired to achieve your wellness goals to better cope with stress and anxiety to achieve higher levels of success. 

paty mariposa reiki teacher in miami


Q & A with Paty Mariposa

1. What motivated you to get into Reiki?


My Reiki journey began in 2009, the year my sister was diagnosed with lung cancer. She was 31 when diagnosed. She eventually opted for alternative healing instead of chemotherapy. She learned what she could about the cancer and sought to understand what her body was telling her. I found it fascinating and different. At that time I had just moved from my Peace Corps volunteer experience after completing 29 months in El Salvador to Las Cruces, New Mexico. I was beginning a dual Master's in Social Work and Public Health. It was a shock for me as well. She was living in Atlanta, GA. We talked every week and she'd share what she was learning and processing. I first heard about Reiki after sharing my story with Sarah Heartsong, a new friend I met through the Unitarian Universalist Church. She was also a social worker. She mentioned one day about an upcoming Reiki class she was going to teach. I immediately said yes even though I had no idea what Reiki was like. The class was amazing as I learned about a different way to look at life without fear of doing something wrong. Reiki I learned was about love entering our energetic body just by asking for it. Since then, I have been incorporating Reiki into my healing practice and have had the opportunity to share it with groups and individuals world wide. I teach Reiki in English and Spanish, plus offer monthly Reiki shares so that people can experience Reiki without cost. I practice Reiki every day and it helps me to stay calm and relaxed most of the time.



paty mariposa founder of mariposa holistic in miami

2. Why should someone work with a Reiki Practitioner?


Working with a Reiki Practitioner offers you the opportunity to fully let go on a massage table. The people called to work with a Reiki practitioner want a spiritual experience. My clients are ready to work on their trauma and stressors without talking about it in depth. It helps the mind release stress and the body release the tension. Some of my clients are able to experience images or colors that they otherwise have never encountered. Once a month sessions help maintain balance and clear the energy systems. Just like you'd take your car for an oil change, a reiki session clears the energy channels. Learning Reiki is also a wonderful way to take self-care into your hands so to speak. When I teach Reiki 1 I focus the class on trauma and how to use Reiki for self-care.


mariposa holistic reiki classes in miami

3. How have your clients' lives improved as a result of working with you?


Often my clients express their gratitude about having felt heard and understand. Many of my clients feel alone and disconnected due to previous traumas in their lives. Within one of my sessions they share their deepest secrets that they may not have shared in depth with another person and release the self inflicted shame they carried. Many of my clients have transformed their lives simply because they learned to see a new perspective I was able to help them see. I've helped clients find their ideal coping skills that they could use whenever their lives become too difficult at the moment.


4. What is the best piece of wellness advice you can give?


When it comes to wellness, it's important to listen to what your body is telling you. If you have no idea why you have a bloated belly after you eat a meal, then that's something to learn about. There are numerous practitioners who can help you understand and reconnect to your body. Reiki, is a technique that can help your body relax so that you can heal. Yet it's important to understand the underlying cause of whatever is causing you the most stress. Managing how you react to stress is key because of stressors caused by external or internal reasons.

My website is For readers of this article I'll offer you a 30 minute (normally 20 minutes) discovery session to learn about what's causing you stress and offer support. You can schedule directly from the contact page on my website.

Mariposa Holistic is running a online event, Self Care for A Cause event on Feb 13 from 10am-11am.

Click here to register.

If this article has inspired you in any way, and if you know someone who would be interested in attending these meditation and self care reiki online events, share this article with them, friends, family members and your social media followers. Be happy being well. Sending love to everyone.