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The Best Way to Clear Acne or Blemishes Using All-Natural Skincare

Are you struggling with acne or blemishes? Have you tried all those gimmicky products that are laced with chemicals. Once you educate yourself on what the ingredients they are adding to your facial washes and acne products, you will be shocked. The reason it is important to stay away from skincare that add chemicals to their products is because whatever you put onto your skin, doesn’t just stay on your skin. It absorbs into your bloodstream, which affects your health. Prolonged use of putting chemicals on your skin builds up toxins in your body. This can lead to headaches, feeling sluggish, digestive problems, sleep problems etc.     What’s The Solution to End Acne or Blemishes the All-Natural Way We...

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Benefits of Using Rhassoul Facial Clay Mask

This is one of our favorite facial clay masks, Rhassoul Clay Mask. This brown clay feels heavenly on your skin. You skin will feel deeply cleaned after washing it off. You will become addicted to using this facial clay mask regularly. Our customers keep coming back for more. This heavenly clay mask is 100 percent all natural, it comes from the mountains of Morocco. Rhassoul means to wash in Arabic, which is where the name for this facial clay mask was coined. One of the reasons it feels so heavenly when applied to your skin is that research shows it has some healing properties. Rhassoul clay has metallic properties, which has a negative charge. This magnetic energy pulls out positively...

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