Benefits of Using Rhassoul Facial Clay Mask

This is one of our favorite facial clay masks, Rhassoul Clay Mask. This brown clay feels heavenly on your skin. You skin will feel deeply cleaned after washing it off. You will become addicted to using this facial clay mask regularly. Our customers keep coming back for more. This heavenly clay mask is 100 percent all natural, it comes from the mountains of Morocco. Rhassoul means to wash in Arabic, which is where the name for this facial clay mask was coined. One of the reasons it feels so heavenly when applied to your skin is that research shows it has some healing properties. Rhassoul clay has metallic properties, which has a negative charge. This magnetic energy pulls out positively charged toxins and sticks to them like glue so when you wash the clay away, the toxins wash away with it. This is why this Rhassoul Facial Clay Mask detoxifies your skin and hair. You can also use this clay mask on your hair.



Rhassoul Clay has magnesium and potassium. The magnesium in the clay makes this facial mask a powerful acne fighter. It cleanses impurities, and improves skin’s elasticity. The reason this facial mask helps clear acne is because the magnesium is absorbed through your skin barrier. Once you apply it on your skin you can immediately feel toxins being pulled from your skin. It feels so soothing to apply on your skin due to the healing properties of the Rhassoul Clay Mask. You will see your skin’s elasticity improve with regular use of this wonderful all-natural facial clay mask.


How to Use It as a Facial Clay Mask


Once your order your jar of Rhassoul Clay Mask. You will get a jar of what looks like brown powder, which is the Rhassoul from the mountains of Morrocco along with a scoop to scoop out the clay powder. Use an empty jar that has been cleaned out. Take a few scoops of the clay powder to put into the empty jar then add some warm water to it. Stir it around until it becomes texturized. You can add more water if you want a more water based textured or use less water for a thick texture to apply on your skin. For best results use a stir stick or simply use your finger to stir it. Make sure to wash your hands before doing this. Finally, apply the mask on your face using your fingers or mask brush. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse it off to feel heavenly in your skin. Notice how deeply clean your skin feels.

 Rhassoul Facial Clay Mask from Happy Being Well


As You Apply Your Facial Clay Mask on Your Skin Say Affirmations


Since it feels so soothing to apply this magical facial mask on your skin, your nervous system is calm. Being in a calm state is the perfect time to say your positive affirmations in the mirror. One great affirmation to say that anyone can believe is “everyday I am getting better in every way”. Then lay down or sit down on the floor in a lotus position to meditate in silence or chant the affirmation out loud or in your head for ten minutes then wash your face off. In ten minutes, you accomplished two things, skincare and meditation. You can even hold crystals to amplify your meditation session since crystals are healing and feel very calming to the body when you hold them in the palms of your hand or placing them on your body. If you are new to crystals, we suggest holding a clear quartz. Clear quartz is great for mental clarity and amplifying the energy of the other crystals around. And hold a rose quartz in your other hand. Rose quartz is great for self love meditations since is the crystal of love.


Rhassoul Clay Mask for Your Hair


Rhassoul clay contains silica, a property of sand. Natural silica works as an exfoliant and your hair looks healthy with a natural shine, strength and softness after using Rhassoul clay. If you have oily hair then you will love using Rhassoul on your hair as it pulls out excess oil as well as cleanses impurities from your scalp. This makes a powerful conditioner to your hair and gives your hair volume due to the exfoliating and conditioning components of this Rhassoul Clay.


How You Use It on Your Hair


Just like described above. You mix the Rhassoul Clay with warm water until it comes a thick or thin texture depending upon if you prefer thick or thin. Once texturized, you apply it on your hair. Start applying the clay on your roots then work your way down to the tips of your hair. Leave the clay mask on your hair for 20 to 40 minutes, during this time you can also apply it to your face while waiting for your hair mask to soak in. After 40 minutes rinse off your hair mask and face mask to enjoy beautiful shining, soft, voluminous and healthy-looking hair! Plus enjoy youthful and glowing skin! For any women who has discovered the benefits of using this Rhassoul Clay, purchase a jar today to refill your beauty cabinet and give this as a wonderful gift to your mom, sister, friend or co-worker to share the happiness this mask brings to your face and hair! You can order your jar of happiness at Happy Being Well for only $26.00 plus free shipping within the USA! You can get your Rhassoul Clay Mask here. 


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