What are Chakras? How Does it Transform Us?

In Indian yoga, chakras are great centers of energy in the body. Although they are invisible to the eye, these spinning wheels of spiritual energy keep our bodies and spirits in balance. They store the powerful life force that yogis call prana, the Chinese call chi and the Japanese call ki. This dynamic energy is the precious universal life force that permeates everything; it surrounds and is within all things.


Exploring the Chakras


The seven main chakras of the body are sited between the base of the spine and the top of the head. There are other chakras, but in this blog post we will concentrate on those listed below.


  1. The first or base chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is associated with anything of a material nature, including physical strength and structures, possessions, status in life and survival. It is also where a dormant energy called kundalini is stored. Yogis aim to reactivate this energy and send it flowing through the chakras. When it reaches the top and all the chakras are open and in balance with one another; enlightenment is attained.


  1. The second chakra or sacral chakra is located at the level of the lower abdomen, above the genitals. It is associated with sexuality, sensuality, and reproduction.


  1. The third chakra or solar plexus chakra is located at the solar plexus area (this is high at the back of the abdomen just between the ribs and navel). This wheel of energy governs inner power; the will and self-confidence.


  1. The fourth chakra or heart chakra is positioned at the level of the heart. It is associated with relationships as well as love, compassion, and emotions in general.


  1. The fifth chakra or throat chakra is located in the throat area. It is concerned with expression and communication and also with our create impulses.


  1. The sixth chakra or brow chakra is positioned at the level of the forehead between the eyebrows (third eye). It is associated with imagination, clarity of thought, intuition and dreams. As well as our psychic abilities.


  1. The seventh chakra or crown chakra is situated on the top of the head. It governs understanding, higher consciousness and our link with universal spirit and the divine.


Achieving Balance


An essential thing to bear in mind about the chakras is that energy should flow naturally between them and that they should be in balance with one another. Meditation can help balance with one another. Meditation can help balance the chakras in order to ensure pure energy flow, enhance spiritual awareness, and improve overall well-being.


If a particular chakra is blocked, it can create problems in the area with which it is associated. For example, if the second chakra is blocked, it may interfere with sexual expression or with the normal function of the reproductive system. Likewise, if the fifth chakra is blocked, it can inhibit self-expression or the flow of creativity. Very few people actually have all their chakras open and in balance and the process of attaining this state should be seen as a long-term one.


In fact, any in-depth work on opening all the chakra calls for advanced training and self-discipline should only be done under the guidance of a suitably qualified and experienced teacher. However, if you would like to learn more about them, feel where your own chakras are or experience a little of their energy for yourself. To download a free meditation working with your chakras, visit our resources section for free meditation downloads.


Petals of The Lotus                                                                                                   


When meditating on one of the chakras, it is customary to imagine it as a lotus with a certain number of petals. The lotus has special significance because although its roots are in the mud, it blossoms into a beautiful flower that opens its petals to the heavens above. If you find a lotus flower difficult to imagine, you can just visualize each chakra as a storehouse of energy. The following table below gives the names and positions of the seven main chakras, together with their associated colors and number of petals.

 Chakra Meditation

Attributes of The Seven Main Chakras



Indian Name




Gland and Body System

Number of Petals



Base of spine

Material plane, status in life, survival


Adrenals, skeleton, lymph & elimination system




Lower abdomen, just above the genitals

Sexuality and Sensuality


Gonads & reproduction system


Solar Plexus


Solar Plexus or Navel Area

Inner power, will, and confidence


Pancreas, muscles & digestive system




Heart Area

Relationships, love, compassion & emotions


Thymus, respiration, circulation & immune system





Expression, creativity & communication

Turquoise & Blue

Thyroid & Metabolism


Brow- Third Eye


Between eyebrows

Imagination, clarity of thought, intuition, & dreams.


Pituitary & Endocrine System




Top pf head

Understanding, higher consciousness & link with the divine.


Pineal & Nervous System

1, 000



Locating the Chakras


Contrary to popular belief, the chakras are positioned horizontally. In other words, if you are looking at a standing person face to face, the chakras are not positioned flat against the person’s body like spinning buttons. They are actually on a horizontal plane so that you can only see them side on.


If you want to see this visually, try this experiment. Hold your index finger upright in front of your eyes. Put a CD on your finger and spin it and you will find that you can only see the CD side on-only the edge of the CD will be visible. This is how the chakras are positioned in the body. If you want to see the chakras as a spinning circles, you would have to place yourself above the person’s head and look down through the person’s chakras from above. In this way, you would be able to see that the chakras are round.



The Sushumma Channel


To make things as easy to visualize as possible, you can imagine the chakras running up your spine at the back of your body or running up the front of your body. You can also visualize them going up inside your body between the back and front. To be more precise, however, they actually ascend up a central channel called the Sushumma and are linked to nerve centers along the spinal cord. To check their locations at various points up the “ladder”, you can refer to the above table. 


Meditating on The Chakras


When you start meditating on the chakras, you will probably find it easier to sense than others. With practise, however, you should be able to feel them all.


If you find, after a few attempts at Chakra meditation (opposite) that you are having difficulty feeling energy flow through certain chakras, it may be because the flow there is “blocked”. Almost everyone will find one or more of their chakras blocked. You should not let blockages go untreated because they can create problems later on (See the above table for a list of chakras and functions they govern).


Unblocking the Chakras


If you suspect that one or more of your chakras are blocked, do not attempt to unblock them yourself. You should consult with a spiritual practitioner such as a practitioner of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian healing system that aims to restore health and balance to the mind and body through herbal remedies, diet, breathing exercises, purification, meditation, yoga postures, massage and other treatments. A qualified Ayurvedic practitioner will be able to sense blockages in your chakras and can help to restore your natural energy flow.


Chakra Meditation

 meditation techniques

For this meditation, choose a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Your clothing should be loose and comfortable. You may find it helps to close your eyes.


  1. Adopt the seated or cross-legged posture. Make sure that you are sitting upright with your spine straight. Your head and spine are in alignment. Your posture should be comfortable and you should feel relaxed. Take three deep breaths then breathe naturally.


  1. Using your mind, try to sense the chakra at the base of your spine. You can imagine it as a lotus with the corresponding number of petals or as a spinning wheel or storehouse of energy. Choose the image that feels right for you and sense the energy within it. What does it feel like for you?


  1. Move your attention up to the next chakra in the lower abdomen, just above your genital area. Again, feel the energy within it. Does the energy feel different compared to the energy of the base chakra?


  1. If you have trouble feeling the energy flow in one or more of your chakras, try to “breathe” energy into the affected area. In other words, as you inhale and exhale, imagine that your breath is revitalizing the chakra concerned and filling it with life-giving energy.


  1. Move your attention up through the other chakras through the solar plexus or navel area then the heart then the throat and up to the forehead between the eyes. Feel the subtle differences of energy between the chakras as you move your concentration to the top of your head and feel the chakra there. What does the energy feel like?


  1. Gradually wind down your meditation, let your body relax even further and then take a couple of deep breaths before finishing the exercise, working through the chakras can help you to become more in tune with your energy.


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