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Interview With Nanci Reed, a Pilates Instructor in The San Francisco Bay Area

Meet Nanci Reed, a Pilates instructor with over 15 years of experience and an impressive track record of working with over 1000 clients globally. Nanci's expertise lies in using Pilates for post-rehabilitation of physical injuries, chronic imbalances, and misalignments. Her unique approach combines Pilates, practical spirituality, and meditation for self-healing, creating a mind-body-soul alchemy that is transformational.     Nanci's ultimate goal is to empower her clients to integrate all the different aspects of themselves into one effortlessly aligned mind and body. She believes that the practice of self-care is about living your happily ever now, not after you've checked off a bunch of meaningless boxes that society says you need before being "enough."Nanci's journey began in the San Francisco...

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