Interview with Patricia Becker: A Palo Alto, CA Yoga Instructor

Meet Patricia Becker, an experienced yoga instructor based in Palo Alto, California. With over 35 years of experience and thousands of hours of training, Patricia is passionate about helping individuals improve their physical and mental well-being through yoga. She specializes in teaching Aging with Grace Yoga classes online, which are tailored specifically for seniors and anyone interested in gentle, low-impact movement, breathing exercises, and meditation. Patricia's classes are designed to help students move with ease, release tension, and improve their overall sense of well-being. Her extensive training and in-depth study alongside leading nutrition and yoga experts have helped her develop safe and effective practices for her students. Patricia's dedication and expertise make her a trusted guide for those looking to improve their health and well-being through yoga.


Patricia Becker Palo Alto Yoga Instructor for Seniors


We were excited to interview her to gain her insights about her experience with yoga! Read below for the Q & A with Patricia Becker. 


Question 1: 

What lead you to become a yoga instructor?


I became a yoga instructor years after feeling my increased flexibility, open hamstrings, stronger core, better upper body strength and inner calm.



Question 2: 

How has yoga shaped your life for the better?


Yoga has assisted me with courage and confidence to give back with a livelihood that is very rewarding.



Patricia Becker Yoga Instructor in Palo Alto California Teaching Online Yoga Classes to Seniors - Aging with grace yoga



Question 3: 

What are some of the transformations you have witnessed in your clients lives since they started doing yoga daily?


I don't think my clients do asana everyday. I lead most clients in a yoga practice twice a week. I see and they tell me about their positive transformations in a variety of ways in their bodies and minds. Examples; better balance, more open hips, looser neck and shoulder muscles and more trust and appreciation with the yoga process of engagement.



Question 4: 

Share with us, your favorite yoga poses and why?


Halasana and the variation with knee on the floor by my ears called
Karnapidasana. Since these are more advanced asana, I only teach to certain clients and groups. I just happen to have a spinal column that feels happy in this asana.


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