Interview With Kalea Cleeton - San Francisco Yoga Instructor

We had the pleasure of interviewing Kalea Cleeton, a yoga instructor in San Francisco. Kalea provided us refreshing insights into her yoga journey. She shared with us her motivation to become a yoga instructor, her tips on practicing yoga, her transformation along with the transformation of her clients. Read below to get inspired. 



San Francisco Yoga Instructor




1. What sparked your motivation to become a yoga instructor?

My motivation springs from the feeling yoga grants me after each class. The feeling of breath to movement, equanimity and expansiveness in my body and soul. The feeling lingers with me both on and off the mat and inspired me to pursue teaching in hopes of gifting this feeling to others.



Yoga Journey


2. How has yoga transformed your life?


Yoga has transformed my life because it’s an integral part of my being. Yoga reminds me to stay curious to what my body is feeling while anchoring my breath to the present moment. Yoga continues to challenge my being because I am a different version of myself each time I approach the mat. Yoga continually guides me throughout life’s transitions.


Yoga Instructor San Francisco


3. What are some of the transformations you have seen in your clients since committing to a yoga practice?

My clients have committed to meeting themselves in the present at the onset of each session. My clients are self-aware when it comes to harnessing their breath during moments of friction off the mat.


4. What are some of your favorite yoga poses and why?

Supta Baddha Konasana (reclined bound angle) informs me of any discomfort in my lower body and what needs to be released. Triangle pose reminds me to stretch my side body and the power of easing into the posture with a soft bend in my knee regardless of flexibility in the moment.


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