Interview with Carmelle Jean-Francois - Fitness Trainer based in New York

We had the exciting opportunity to do a Q & A with the fabulous Carmelle Jean-Francois, a highly energized Fitness Trainer based in New York, USA. Carmelle is filled with contagious positive vibes who is changing the lives of women over 40! We also had the opportunity to interview Carmelle Jean-Francois on our Happy Being Podcast where she shares her insight & strategies on what it really takes to create the change we desire in our bodies and most importantly stay living a wellness lifestyle. She really knows how to get to the roots of what it takes to create ever-lasting change along with expertise in fitness training. Most importantly, Carmelle lives and practices what she teaches as evident on her Instagram page - @cfitcoaching. Carmelle also really embraces technology in her fitness coaching practice, you don't have to live in New York, USA to work with Carmelle, she offers zoom fitness coaching sessions along with online wellness workshops. Click on Carmelle's website link at the bottom of this article to learn more about her, contact her to schedule a free consultation, and learn about her online wellness workshops. 



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Q & A with Carmelle Jean-Francois  


1. What motivated you to become a Fitness Trainer?


I was in a serious car accident about 16 years ago and broke myself up pretty good. As I healed, it was the resilience of my body that inspired me to help it heal and become stronger than before. This was a big deal because I spent the previous decade as a sedentary person. So as I got stronger, I continued to challenge my body to see what else it can do; how far can I push myself. I gained a tremendous amount of appreciation for how the body moves and how it functions and the role movement and nutrition played in that healing. We are perfect machines! Before long, my peers, colleagues, family and friends took notice in my leaner physique and started asking questions and seeking advice. I enjoyed sharing my process so much that I was inspired to get a personal trainer certification. And today I coach keeping mind body, soul and spirit in mind when we tackle wellness. I just love sharing and being a part of someone else's health and fitness journey.


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2. Why should someone work with a Fitness Trainer?


For many reasons... inspiration, motivation, confidence, accountability, structure, efficiency but I think the most important reason is for guidance. Sometimes I'll see folks working out without a coach or trainer and it looks like they're about to hurt themselves- pull something. Or they're stuck doing only one type of exercise because they don't know what else to do and they don't know that there could be another exercise that will challenge them in another way or earn them better results. But the biggest issue I see is women trying to power through an exercise or find motivation when there are other underlying issues that have to be addressed first. I'll give you an easy example: trying to over exercise, a bad diet... It's all connected... again: mind body, soul and spirit.




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3. How have your clients' lives improved as a result of working with you?


I get these emails and texts from past clients with updates telling me how much improved their health and mindset has been since working with me. Sometimes it's overall health, sometimes it how many pounds they've released- and I think to myself: They did it without me... But nooo!! I was a part of their journey- I contributed! Whether it was a small contribution or something in an immense way, they would not be writing if I didn't sprinkle some of my passion on to them. I don't want my clients to need me forever. I want them to take what I've shared with them even when they're no longer working with me. It warms my heart and makes my day when I get those emails now because I see, hear and feel that lives are improving and I had a part in it.


To learn more about Carmelle Jean-Francois, visit her website to learn ways to work with Carmelle to achieve your fitness goals with success. Schedule a free consultation with her and learn about her online wellness workshops here:  and follow Carmelle on her Instagram page here:


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