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This book is a creation that highlights stories of those who have succeeded on the wellness journey, whether it be mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual health (MEPS).

One by one these authors pour themselves into their stories to inspire and enlighten you. Our most sincere desire is for hope to bloom after reading these stories. May that hope lead to courage, and that courage lead to action.
Each story is sprinkled with the actions necessary to become a wellness winner.

It’s your turn.

It’s your time.

Take Action.
Choose to be Well. Choose to Win! Download this free book to enjoy getting inspired to live your best life! 

Chapter 1: Change Your Choices... and Your Choices Change - Sherri Leopold

Chapter 2: Mental Toughness: It's Worth Fighting For - Evan Trad

Chapter 3: Do It BECAUSE You're Scared - Lynda Sunshine West

Chapter 4: Step Away to Wellness - Sally Larkin Green

Chapter 5: Religious or Spiritual: Is There a Right Way? - Asma Yousif

Chapter 6: From Fat to Fit-It Starts With the Mind - Bryan Allen-Smith

Chapter 7: Recipe for a Fulfilled Life: A Grateful Heart With a Side of Grace - Cynthia Adams-McGrath

Chapter 8: Society and Statistics Don't Have to Determine Your Future - Dara Bose

Chapter 9: Mentors Matter - Darryl A. Johnson

Chapter 10: Stress Kills... and Losing One Million Dollars Sucks! - Debbie Morton

Chapter 11: The Path We're On Is Unclear Until It's Clear - Dionne Roberts

Chapter 12: Hide and Seek - It's a Choice - Jaymie Hale

Chapter 13: Covid 2020: Love Lost .....and Found - Dr. Jeffry G. Lapsker, DDS

Chapter 14: Tomorrow Is Always Fresh With No Mistakes In It! - Marilyn Johnson

Chapter 15: Denial Almost Killed Me - Julie Donelson

Chapter 16: My Hybrid Healing Wellness Journey - Katia N. Miller Pagan

Chapter 17: Seven Minutes That Transformed My Life - Dr. Katrina Esau

Chapter 18: Thank You - Dr. Kim Martin, DC

Chapter 19: Release Trapped Emotion: Your Key to Wellness, Success, and Happiness - Laura Sharp-Waites

Chapter 20: Living Fully - From the Inside-Out - Lesley Klein

Chapter 21: Overcoming the Darkness Within - Michael Stanley

Chapter 22: From Shattered to Whole - Paige Davidson

Chapter 23: You Are Uniquely Designed and Built for a Purpose - Prophetess Nalo Thomas Mitchell

Chapter 24: Happy Being Well - Rita Farruggia

Chapter 25: Wellness Heals - Romy Faith Ganser

Chapter 26: The Remedy to Losing Money and Reclaiming Your Power - Sabrina Protic

Chapter 27: Health: Put Your Heart Into It! - Scott Leopold

Chapter 28: Dimensions of Wellness Guide Me to Optimum Health - Shanna Lee Moore

Chapter 29: No, I'm Not Crazy.... - Tamara Carruthers

Chapter 30: Mommin It Like A Boss is a Lifestyle With Purpose and Grace - Whitney Gonzalez-Hartford