Rose Quartz Chunks Green Ares
Rose Quartz Chunks Green Ares

Rose Quartz Chunks

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Rose quartz crystal chunks are the perfect addition to your gemstone collection. Luminous rose quartz has many natural benefits and uses. Not only is rose quartz an innately beautiful stone, but it can help promote universal love and harmony in all relationships. Use rose quartz chunks during a self-love meditation or bath, or to simply decorate your space.

Dimensions: Approximately 2.0" L
Weight: Approximately 0.1 pounds

Dimensions: Approximately 3.0" L
Weight: Approximately 0.3–0.5 pounds

Dimensions: Approximately 4.0" L
Weight: Approximately 0.6–1 pound

Extra Large
Dimensions: Approximately 7"L
Weight: Approximately 11 pounds