Interview with Leslie Dowling- A Functional Nutrition Lifestyle Practitioner

We had the opportunity to do a Q & A with the fabulous Leslie Dowling who shared with us her passion and knowledge for health and wellness. Leslie is a Functional Nutrition Lifestyle Practitioner based in Pennsylvania. Read below to find out the benefits of working with a Functional Nutrition Practitioner and her journey towards a wellness lifestyle. To learn more about Leslie Dowling, you can discover her website at the bottom of this article. 


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Q & A with Leslie Dowling 


1. What motivated you to become a Functional Nutritional Lifestyle Practitioner?

After I lost my father at 22 from a massive heart attack, I realized how critical living optimally, eating clean, and mental health is paramount. My passion is to create awareness through my podcast and virtual public speaking engagements discussing how our environment has affected our health, creating toxic overload.

I have always been involved with team sports. I played team tennis in college and currently have been an avid equestrian. Eventing for the past 10 years which is similar to a triathlon for the horse - Dressage, Show Jumping, and Cross Country.


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2. Why should someone work with a Functional Nutrition Lifestyle Practitioner?

We are the "middle men" connecting the bridge between the doctor and patient taking the time to create a bio-individual program being the detective to do the investigative work getting to the root cause of one's illness before it becomes an acute illness. We empower and embrace each patient to create tools to make lifestyle changes instead of having quick fixes.



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3. What is the best piece of nutritional advice you can give?

Our environment has been through changes with toxins we are breathing, toxins we are putting on topically, which we all need to be aware of before toxic overload opens Pandora's box for autoimmune illness. We need to educate ourselves by being our own advocate to read labels on all boxed products and skin products we eat and absorb through our skin. Gradually switch out processed foods with seasonal whole foods that mother earth provides.




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4. How have your clients' lives improved as a result of working with you?

It is very gratifying when my clients have answers to many health questions. Working with a functional practitioner like myself means I design a "gameplan" to feel physically and emotionally fulfilled for improved health.


To learn more about Leslie Dowling or contact her for a health and wellness consultation, you can visit her website at and you can follow her on Instagram at @eastwestfunctionaltraining


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