How to Relax at Home

Your home is your sanctuary. Your living environment has tremendous impact on your sense of well-being. An untidy, cluttered home painted in dingy colors makes you feel stressed, while a bright, tidy home reflects your character and family will create a happy, positive, and loving atmosphere where you can truly relax. Creating a environment that stimulates relaxation is important to be able to de-stress from the noisy outside of street traffic, workplace stress, and dealing with difficult personalities. You want to be able to come home and detox from stress to reboot your mind, body and spirit to feel peaceful and happy. We are all about living happy being well and your home environment as well as your mind environment allows you to be happy being well with the right tools, techniques and products to amplify your happiness vibes.


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Light and Space

Natural light is best for your eyes, so make the most of daylight and position desks near windows. A spacious, airy, and light environment is the most relaxing, but you can create space by keeping surfaces clear. In the evening you want to be able to enjoy relaxing with salt lamps. When the lights are dimmed, salt lamps are pretty to look at, makes you feel like you are in nature since you have a piece of nature in your home. Salt lamps create a incredibility serene environment and you immediately feel calm. Plus, salt lamps purify your air. You can check out our incredible collection of salt lamps here.


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Turn Down the Volume

Noise can be incredibly stressful, even though you may not be aware of it. Only watch TV if there is a program you really want to see and turn it off at mealtimes. Soothe your soul by listening to music such as mediation music, classical music, or music that makes you happy or calm instead. To create a serene atmosphere in your home, avoid harsh fluorescent lighting and use soft light or candles in the evening. Candles are so magical not only are they pretty to look, they also provide aromatherapy. When selecting candles ensure you select naturally scented candles with natural wax because you don’t want chemicals being released into the air of your home. Scents are powerfully soothing to our senses because we all have scents we love and enjoying smelling that stimulate positive feelings within us and we associate certain scents with happy memories from our past. For example, if you enjoyed helping your grandmother pick roses from her backyard to arrange bouquets of roses for the home then smelling roses will stimulate those wonderful and warm feelings of that experience. We are happy to provide natural candles with natural scents that you will love such as vanilla, jasmine, rose, lemongrass, sandalwood, lavender, cinnamon, watermelon, apple cinnamon, pumpkin spice, french vanilla, gardenia, redwood, grapefruit, firewood, palo santo and even scents of California such as smelling Big Sur, Joshua Tree, Yosemite or Pacific Ocean in your home! For those who love & cherish those California destinations now you can feel that experience in your home through scent at Happy Being Well in our candles section and much more amazing scents to feel happy and calm here.


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Ten Top Tips for a Tidy Home

  1. Remove your shoes at the door- it stops you bringing dirt into the house.
  2. Do your least favorite household chore first.
  3. Keep a waste-paper basket in each room.
  4. The less you have, the easier it is to keep clean. Clear away clutter once a month and have a good sort out once a year. If you haven’t used something in the last year then you probably don’t need it.
  5. Keep work surfaces tidy.
  6. Storage space is essential- invest in extra cupboards if you need them.
  7. Encourage your children to tidy up after themselves.
  8. To discourage random clutter, keep a “lost property box” in the living room.
  9. Tidy up after a meal rather than leave the dishes until the morning.
  10. Organize a rotation so that each family member plays their part. Encourage your children to help keep the house clean and tidy.


Feng Shui

Fen shui is the ancient Chinese art of arranging living and working spaces so that they are in harmony with the flow of qi, the universal life force. Landscapes, buildings, and rooms are said to have their own flow of qi and feng shui encourages blocked or diminished qi to move more freely in a certain area by altering its layout. A feng shui practitioner will make a detailed assessment of each room in your house and suggest changes, such as a new color scheme or repositioning of plants and furniture. To improve the fen shui in your home, clear up clutter and make sure there is plenty of space around furniture.

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Adding Crystal Home Décor


Crystals are incredible to look at. They are from nature so having pieces of nature in your is incredibly relaxing. Plus, crystals feel relaxing when you hold them in the palm of your hand or place them on your body like forehead, chest or stomach, people feel calmer. Crystals are healing as they are known to release healing energy frequencies. Crystals have become extremely popular today and increasing in popularity with each passing day as more and more people incorporate wearing crystals as jewelry, holding crystal stones while meditating and add home décor pieces made from crystal. Happy Being Well is extremely happy about our home décor crystal collection! We even provide kitchen supplies made from crystal such as agate crystal serving trays, agate crystal cup coasters, geode crystal wine stopper, quartz crystal tea infuser, crystal bookends, and crystal scripture on a stand. We also carry crystal stones to hold and place around your home. We also carry selenite sticks to place your crystals on to cleanse their energy. Selenite is the most powerful to cleanse energy in fact so powerful that selenite crystal doesn’t need to be cleansed at all. You can check out our crystal collection in our mediation tools section and natural home section. To check out our crystal quartz tea infuser go to our food and beverage section to check out our collection of tea infusers.


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