How To Increase Your Self-Confidence

Yoga is the perfect way to relieve the stress accumulated from our everyday life with work & tasks. The practice of yoga will also instill confidence within, helping you to achieve goals in life. It is an experience of feeling secure in life with the inner peace that comes with a regular yoga practice. One of the most important benefits of yoga is that you gain self-confidence with regular yoga practice.

increase confidence with yoga

Confidence is something which is very much required for us in both professional and personal life. Confidence is needed for completing a test or interview, or you are facing your bosses by giving a presentation or starting a new venture or project. Practicing Yoga every day without fail will help give you immense confidence. With this fast-moving life, most of us lack the energy to face challenging situations – be it career or in personal life. We sometimes lack the confidence because of the stress, anxiety, tension, etc. The best way to control the thoughts of worry or stress is to practice yoga.

Benefits of Practicing Yoga

How to Practice Yoga Daily with Happy Being Well

1. Regular practice of yoga can improve focus, clarity of mind, flexibility, adaptability.

2. Postures in yoga will help in strengthening your body.

3. Perfect way of relieving stress and instilling a sense of empowerment.

4. Practicing the diverse yoga postures will help activating the parasympathetic nervous system resulting in overall physical & mental well-being.

5. Practice of yoga enhances our self-esteem by boosting our confidence. The practitioner gets attuned with the inner feelings and physical body.

6. Concentrating on certain tasks in everyday life may be difficult for those with lesser confidence.

7. Regular practice of yoga helps to experience and practice mindful eating - this will result in establishing a better mind-body connection, low-stress levels, etc.

8. Yoga practice will help in healing trauma, the feeling of physical suffering by increasing your emotional and physical well-being by increasing your awareness levels.

9. Yoga practice reduces the risk of getting affected with physical & mental ailments.

10. Practice of yoga will improve the quality of life.

11. Yoga is considered as the most impactful method to be practiced with behavioral therapies to gain self-confidence.

12. Practice also instils the feeling of self-motivation and self-dependency.

13. Yoga asanas can also increase physical immunity.

14. Metabolic functions in the body improves a lot with the regular practice of yoga.

15. There is no side effect on the body and mind because of yoga practice.

16. Practice of yoga calms down the mind by relaxing the body and balancing the hormones.

17. If you need to increase your concentration, start practicing Yoga every day.
How to practice yoga – Timing & yoga tips
Early morning, especially before or during the sun rise is considered to be the best time to practice yoga. People who are unable to practice yoga during the early hours can always do yoga in the evening. There are few important points to be noted while practicing yoga. It is important to note that wearing comfortable yoga leggings that is not hanging off your body due to loosened waist bands helps you not get distracted to focus on doing your poses and not get distracted by pulling up your yoga pants.

• Doing yoga regularly at the same days and time of the week helps your mind to associate to want to do yoga because your body is associated to that activity at the time of the day. You will experience gradually that the body is adapted for the practice at that time.

• It is important to have a yoga mat to practice yoga. Mat shall not be too hard or too soft. Try to get the right one to experience the benefits of yoga practice.

• Environment chosen to practice yoga must be clean with good air circulation and ventilation.

Physical requirements to practice yoga is also very important.


Choosing the best yoga leggings for your body

• If you are a beginner to yoga, it may be a little challenging for you to choose the best apparel for yoga practice. Look for yoga leggings with moisture wicking so that you can stay dry during your yoga session since the fabric is fast drying and breathable. Also, ensure the leggings you purchase do not easily become bagging due to loosened waist bands, this makes practicing yoga uncomfortable with baggy leggings hanging off you that are not supporting your body while performing yoga poses. The benefits of yoga is fully dependent on regulating and watching your breathing process. It must be noted that the breathing process will also depend on the physical comfort while practicing yoga. Choosing ideal yoga wear helps for yielding best results.

• Wear the fabric that would help to breath easily and comfortably. Awareness on the physical body is important during the practice.

• Always avoid wearing very loose or extremely tight clothes cutting off your blood circulation ensure you choose the right size for your body type. There are lot of varieties of fabric available in the market. Make sure that it is breathable. Choosing the right yoga leggings for you is important and you want to ensure that they last a long time. Also, choosing creative design prints and symbols that have meaning for you helps express yourself by showcasing your persona. Express to the world who you are and what you principles you stand for.

• Any apparel with modest coverage would be ideal to practice yoga for ladies. Yoga wear shall not be too tight that would affect breathing.

• Yoga pants are advisable. A good yoga pant with proper elastic waist is highly recommended. There are yoga pants for women, with a high waist for more waist support & coverage. It will give extra comfort during the stretch for each pose. Leggings with a high waist are popular among females for more coverage when pairing them with their active wear bras. 

• Choose colors that have meaning for you and what mood you are in that day! Have fun with your choice of active wear leggings.

• Avoid wearing shorts or drawstring pants that would make you uncomfortable.

• Timing also matters while selecting the clothes to do yoga practice. If it is a cold weather, choose the apparel accordingly.

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