How to Find Peace and Quiet in the City Around You

Those who appreciate nature are generally happier; calmer people. Today, many people live in noisy, polluted, overcrowded cities where concrete predominates over greenery. But you don’t have to live in the country to benefit from nature. Take a walk through the park or simply sit in the garden to relax and truly appreciate your surroundings.

 how to find peace in the city

The Great Outdoors


Ultimately, a relaxed state of being depends on you spending plenty of time outdoors. Light is recognized as essential for regulating the body’s internal clock, which controls hormone production and sleep. Spend holidays in the mountains or at the seaside to get maximum benefit from light and fresh air.

 spend time outdoors

Park Life


A walk in the park will help you to reconnect with the natural world. Visit the same park during each of the seasons so that you can appreciate nature’s life cycle. Take time to notice the colors of the trees and flowers and the different smells. Breathe in deeply and inhale large amounts of fresh air.


spend time in the park




Gardening is a wonderfully relaxing activity because it releases physical tension, thus reducing the amount of circulating stress hormones in the body, while the act of cultivation in itself is soothing for the soul. Novice gardeners can nurture hardy, low-maintenance plants (see gardening books for inspiration and practical advice). If you don’t have a garden, plant a window box instead. Improve the oxygen levels in your home by keeping some pot plants.



Create a Tranquil and Beautiful Home Using Crystals

Add pieces of nature in your home. Adding crystals to your home décor is a wonderful way to create a beautiful ambience in your home. Crystals come from nature, they look beautiful and they release energy frequencies that are healing. Crystals are used in our technologies for its natural elements and structure. Happy Being Well carries beautiful crystal book-ends, crystal serving platters, crystal candle holders, crystal wine stopper, crystal pieces on a stand, and smaller crystals to place around your home and use to hold when relaxing (Our crystal collection can be found in our natural home section for kitchen supplies and in our meditation tools section). A lot of people who love crystals, place smaller crystals into a bowl to place on their coffee table, which is also a conservation starter when guests visit your home. Crystals are also wonderful to meditate with since they are so healing and calming. Simply pick your favorite crystal to hold in each of your hands to meditate with. If you are doing a meditation while laying on a floor mat you can also place crystals on your body. You can place a crystal on your forehead, your chest, your stomach, legs and arms if you choose to do so to experience a more calming effect.

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Salt Lamps


Salt lamps are also gorgeous to look at. Salt lamps create a tranquil feeling in your home because it also helps purifies the air in your home. When you dim the lights to turn on the salt lamp it is so beautiful and feels calming to look at. Using salt lamps in your home also helps put you into a meditative state to help support you into developing a consistent meditation practice. We offer a amazing collection of salt lamps here.


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Preserved Roses for Busy Working Professionals

Having preserved roses around your home that will last for one year or more are a amazing option to save you time and money to always buy fresh flowers in your home. You can enjoy real roses that are preserved year-round that create a beautiful and tranquil home environment that feels peaceful to put you into a calm state. Looking at beautiful roses always inspires us to be at your best. Happy Being Well carries a large selection of preserved roses in our natural home section.


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Aromatherapy Diffusers Creates a Calm and Clear Mental State


Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to fill your senses with the aroma of essential oils. Certain essential oils help you feel more calmer, easing headaches, think clearly, uplift your mood and purifies the air in your home. Every home should have a aromatherapy diffuser for all those reasons. Plus, some aromatherapy diffusers are also beautiful and tranquil to look at because some change colors so when you dim the lights it is very soothing to look. Lavender essential oil to drop into your diffuser creates a calming mental state, helps eliminate headaches. Peppermint essential oil helps eliminate headaches. It also helps purifies the air; plus, little critters hate the smell of peppermint oil so it helps to keep your home critter free. The smell of Peppermint essential oil also keeps you mentally alert. Cedarwood essential oil improves cognitive function. Sage essential oil helps boost memory and concentration. Rosemary essential oil has been shown to improve memory and concentration. We are happy to provide people who the best selection of aromatherapy diffusers and natural essential oils. Our aromatherapy diffusers are located in our natural home section. Our natural essential oils is located in our bath and body section from our shop menu. 


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Are wonderful to add throughout your home. Looking at a lit candle in the dark is always soothing plus the aroma from a naturally scented candle is always calming and soothing. Happy Being Well carries the best selection of natural candles in our candles section. You can light candles in the evening after a hard day of work in your living room to unwind and relax while listening to soothing music such as mediation music or classical music or unwinding to Netflix. You can light candles to place around your bathroom while taking a long hot bath is always wonderfully tranquil and calming. Placing lit candles on your dinner table while enjoying your meal is always a wonderful feeling. You can place light candles on your kitchen counter tops while cooking. Using Natural candles also provides you with aromatherapy to feel calm and uplift your mood.


natural jasmine candle from happy being well



Air conditioning and modern central heating systems have removed much of the impact of the changing seasons. When you live in harmony with nature’s cycle, you will appreciate life much more. Spring, traditionally the season of hope and renewal is the time for starting afresh, clearing your life of clutter and setting change in motion. Summer, associated with happiness and light, brings a sense of freedom and carelessness. Fall, the season of fruition and abundance is the time for reflecting upon what you have achieved and counting the year’s blessings. Winter is a time of rest, retreat and reflection on what has passed.


Never Judge a Day by the Weather


All too often we let the weather determine our mood: on a sunny day, a good mood; on a rainy day, gloom and introspection. Think positively about the different aspects of weather instead: the cool, crispness of snow, the rain that nurtures crops or the fact that thunderstorms do literally clear the air.


A sense of time

Your body adheres to a natural sense of time without you even being aware of it. Ask yourself how often you really need to know what time is. When you come home from work and at weekends take breaks from looking at your phone to see the time to remove yourself from time pressures.


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