Happy Being Well Podcast Has Been Nominated for The People's Choice Podcast Awards

We are super happy that The "Happy Being Well" Podcast has been nominated in the Health category for The People's Choice Podcast Awards! We are extremely honored to be nominated. The People's Choice Podcast Awards is the first Podcast Awards Show that was created in 2005 to recognize outstanding podcasts voted by the people worldwide. 


The People's Choice Podcast Awards


Podcast listeners can vote to support their favorite podcast. The "Happy Being Well" Podcast mission is to awaken as much people as possible to their love. Meaning activate their ability to fully love themselves and others. It is only when we fully love ourselves that we are able to have strength to cut anything toxic in our life whether that be toxic people, toxic food, toxic behaviors that sabotage our success and happiness, staying stuck in life, living in fear etc. This is a message and learning process that everyone should appreciate to discover and apply to their lives so they can live happy being well. 


Happy Being Well Podcast


Happy Being Well wants everyone to live happy being well. A life without showing yourself love is a life of limitations because your fear of losing something that is not good for you will hold you back in life or repeating the same limiting behaviors over and over again because it is familiar to you, keeps you stuck. We are designed for progress and when we plateau because it feels comfortable to avoid the feeling of the unknown is when depression and anger can sink in. Progress is any area of your life feels exhilarating and fuels you up with energy even if its walking around the block, three times a week instead of staying on the couch to watch Netflix is progress and feels amazing to your body and mind. 


The Happy Being Well podcast explores why some people get stuck and choose the same behaviors, same choices, same reactions that is not serving them. The podcast also discusses how to stop making bad choices to replace them with better choices so you can live happy being well. We have thought leaders, mindset experts, therapists, and celebrities on the Happy Being Well podcast to discuss their journey of personal transformation and their strategies to transform yourself to live happy being well. The podcast also offers guided meditations and episodes guiding you on how to meditate effectively and much more education on how to release stress to live happy being well. 


Some Celebrities That Have Been on The Show are: 


ms annie parker on the happy being well podcast


Ms Annie Parker, a Celebrity Energy Healer,


jessie-sierra ross on the happy being well podcast


Jessie-Sierra Ross, a Food & Cocktail TV Personality with her own show on NBC,


steve york top negotiator on happy being well podcast


Steve York, a Top Negotiator as featured on Netflix,


kacia fitzgerald on happy being well podcast




To vote for Happy Being Well in Health to select, Happy Being Well, go to www.podcastawards.com


Steps to Vote for Happy Being Well:

1. Sign up as a voter. Create an easy-to-remember password so you can log in to verify your vote to show that you are not a bot. Type in the name of the podcast that has influenced you the most.


2. On the next page, scroll down to look for Health to select, Happy Being Well. Then scroll down to click nominate.


3. Check your email to open an email from Podcast Awards to click Verify to login to Podcast Awards to show that you are not a bot so your vote will be counted.


We appreciate your vote in supporting Happy Being Well‘s mission to spread awareness and inspiration to people to live happy being well with a great focus on self-love.


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