Join Our Clubhouse Community! 


Join Our Clubhouse Room, "Mind Shift for Life Shift" as a Personal Development Speaker or as a audience member (listener).  


Instructions to join as a speaker to discuss personal development topics: 


1. Follow our CEO, Rita Farruggia on clubhouse. Rita will follow you back. Following Rita on Clubhouse allows her to add you as a co-host to our room event page link. 

2. Join our club, "Mind Shift for Life". Click the bell icon to RSVP to the room. 

3. Send a DM to Rita's Facebook profile page that you want to be a speaker so she can add you as a co-host for the Thursday you are available to speak. 


NOTE: If you are not available to speak this coming Thursday, pick a future Thursday at 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST that you are available to speak and let Rita know in a Facebook DM (Facebook Messenger) the date you are free. Rita will add you as co-host for that specific date. Looking forward to connecting & growing together. 

Our Clubhouse room runs every Thursday at 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST. When you are a member of our club - "Mind Shift for Life Shift", you can see all the upcoming scheduled room events along with the specific sub-topic in the area of personal development. 


Mind Shift for Life Shift Clubhouse room is hosted every Thursday at 11 AM PST/ 2 PM EST by Rita Farruggia, CEO of Happy Being Well and Kim Thompson, an event producer and business strategist.